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Nom Labour
Prénom Marie-Noëlle
Sciences de la vie et de la terre
Statuts et fonctions
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Maîtrise de conférences
(janvier 2019)
UMR5253 Institut Charles Gerhardt (Montpellier)
Études et formations

2012 PhD "Collagène autoassemblé en système 3D biomimétique pour la différentiation de cellules nerveuses" UMR5253-Université Montpellier I

2008 Master EPHE "Signalisation et Systèmes Intégrés en Biologie"

Parcours professionnel hors EPHE

2016-2018 Postdoc - Inserm U1148, Laboratory for Vascular Translational Science - Development of hepatic organoids in 3D porous polysaccharide hydrogels

2015-2016 Postdoc/lab manager - Trinity College Dublin - Role of primary cilium in healthy and osteoporotic MSC, bone tissue engineering

2013-2015 Postdoc/lab manager - Université de Limerick - Role of primary cilium in MSC migration, electrospun scaffolds containing calcium phosphate for bone tissue engineering


Publications principales

Li B, Aid-Launais R, Labour MN, Zenych A, Juenet M, Choqueux C, Ollivier V, Couture O, Letourneur D, Chauvierre C. Functionalized polymer microbubbles as new molecular ultrasound contrast agent to target P-selectin in thrombus.  Biomaterials. 2018

Agarwal S, Labour MN, Hoey D, Duffy B, Curtin J, Jaiswal S. Enhanced corrosion resistance and cytocompatibility of biomimetic hyaluronic acid functionalised silane coating on AZ31 Mg alloy for orthopaedic applications.  J Mater Sci Mater Med. 2018

Lanouar S, Aid-Launais R, Oliviera A, Bidault L, Labour MN, Letourneur D. Effect of cross-linking on the physicochemical and in vitro properties of pullulan/dextran microbeads. J Mater Sci Mater Med. 2018

Marinval N, Morenc M, Labour MN, Samotus A, JesseK, Niemiec-Cyganek A, Ollivier V, Jacob MP, Maire M, Bassand K, Haddad O, Chaubet F, Charnaux N, Wilczek P, Hlawaty H. Fucoidan/VEGF-based surface modification of tissue-engineered 1 pulmonary heart valve improves the antithrombotic and re-2 endothelialization potential of bioprostheses. Biomaterials. 2018

Corrigan M, Johnson G, Stavenschi E, Riffault M, Labour MN, Hoey D. TRPV4-mediates oscillatory fluid shear mechanotransduction in mesenchymal stem cells in part via the primary cilium. Sci Rep. 2018

Labour MN, Walsh M, Cavaignac M, Eichholz K, De barra E, Hoey DA. Electrospun Poly-D-L-lactic acid fibrous scaffolds as a delivery vehicle for calcium phosphate salts to promote in situ mineralisation and bone regeneration. J biomater tissue eng 2018

Stavenschi E, Labour MN, Hoey DA. Oscillatory fluid flow induces the osteogenic lineage commitment of mesenchymal stem cells: the effect of shear stress magnitude, frequency, and duration. J Biomech. 2017

Agarwal S, Morshed M, Labour MN, Hoey D, Duffy B, Curtin J, Jaiswal S. Enhanced corrosion protection and biocompatibility of PLGA-Silane coating on AZ31 Mg alloy for orthopaedic applications. RSC Advances 2017

Labour MN, Riffault M, Christensen ST, Hoey DA. TGFβ1-induced recruitment of human bone mesenchymal stem cells is mediated by the primary cilium in a SMAD3-dependent manner. Sc Rep 2016

Labour MN, Vigier S, Lerner D, Marcilhac A, Belamie E 3D compartmented model to study the neurite-related toxicity of Aβ aggregates included in collagen gels of adaptable porosity. 2016 Acta Biomaterialia

Mathieu, M. Vigier, S, Labour, MN , Jorgensen, C, Belamie, E* and Noel, D*, Induction Of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation And Cartilage Formation By Cross-Linker-Free Collagen Microspheres 2014 European Cells & Materials

Labour, MN.; Banc, A.; Tourrette, A.; Cunin, F.; Verdier, JM; Devoisselle, JM; Marcilhac, A; Belamie, E., Thick collagen-based 3D matrices including growth factors to induce neurite outgrowth, 2012 Acta Biomat

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